Thursday, 9 October 2014


Just in case I hadn't made it clear and to shed some light on my thinking process. Education is a wonderful thing. Not really that many years ago I used to be a fairly big believer in herbal medicine, I had actually seriously considered studying herbal medicine, that organic food was better, and a fence-sitter regarding vaccines.

Obviously as most of you will have noticed my stance on those things have changed. And changed for the better. The things that changed it were a culmination of a lot or things, firstly my duaghyer when she was very very young developed bronchioloitis but for a while me and my partner were convinced that she had whopping cough(truthfully I still think that might have been the case, but the GP hadn't seen a case of whopping cough for 10 years. Let that sink in a little) and as I started my course I started meeting more Polio survivors, all 70+ years of age.

At its finest modern medicine is based on herbal medicine, the difference is that the volatile compounds have been isolated, purified and made more potent. The rest of herbal medicine just tastes nice on chicken.

As for opposing GM technology, well that has got to be the most self centred, first world problem that I can think of. To oppose technology that creates drought resistant and pest resistant seeds that will create more food, with more nutrients, not just for the booming population of the first world (be grateful that you can waste money on organic) but also the starving population of the third world is, as stated before, self centred and selfish. Oh and if you oppose GM technology then you are wishing death on insulin dependent diabetics. And Haemophiliacs.

So here's the rub. In the next six months I will (grading pending of course) qualify as a nurse. And I will be using evidence based practice. And if some idiot then tries to convince a patient of mine that chemo is useless, that vaccines cause more problems then they solve, if they just generally advocate the use of untested, unproven and dangerous treatments instead of proven, effective safe treatments, they will feel my shoe firmly lodged into their posterior.

If you want to use these methods fine. I can live with that, but don't you fucking dare get in the way of me doing the best for my patients. And not just for my patients but the community as a whole.

This might all come across as close minded, but it is anything but. I have been willing to look at the evidence and the evidence changed my mind. Being open minded is what evidence based science is all about.
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