Friday, 8 August 2014

A sheep no more

There got your attention. It always strikes me as odd when people who say "Do your Research!", "Sheep!" and "Don't believe their propaganda!" always seem to be the least informed. They like to shout slogans, look at memes and then no more. This is especially true for people who like to say that they are for the environment, yet they also want to refuse all environmental help and reject all science for something like "It worked well for people in the past.". 

Case in point at the moment is all the hooha about Ecover using GM product in their products. Ecover started using oil from genetically altered algae instead of palm oil. For obvious reasons, as palm oil industry has been known to devastate forests and wildlife habitats in South America, Africa and Asia. So Ecover did the right thing by changing their product in order to preserve the environment the best, which has always been their philosophy. Even if it does mean that they make inferior products as well. But people are objecting against it because of the use of GM. For heaven's sake, which do you want? Unadulterated, okay-ish cleaner (That's still superior to other "natural" cleaning products) that is bad for the environment, saves orangutans and rain forests... Or do you want a the opposite? Of course you are welcome to argue against it, but quite frankly I am pretty sure that those developers at Ecover know more about their product and how to make it then you.

Then there's cheese. People who are against GM forget that little titbit. The rennet that is used to make cheese... That rennet, that is NOT originally from a calves stomach. Is genetically modified. Now do you want a guilt free block of cheese, or do you want to kill some more calves for your Welsh Rarebit?

A cousin of mine , wanted me to watch a video called World According to Monsanto, which in itself added nothing new, only reaffirmed lies there was a lot of FUD about in that video. That was his evidence. Nothing else, for someone who has three university degrees that is quite astounding. YouTube is great, but using Youtube does not constitute as evidence. Same with that video regarding the bees. When people hear the name Monsanto, most of them don't even know what that company does. And seem to think it's big company. It's the only company. No it isn't. That they are working towards controlling the food sector everywhere in the world, a plan that has not worked very well for them so far. Want a comparison? Well, Monsanto earned about $15 billion in 2013, but Whole Earth (For Brits think Suma) earned about $13 billion.  It is an agricultural company that does a lot of research into Genetic Modification. They sell seeds of their own design. They also sell organic seeds, as well. Monsanto are a lot of things, but most of the stories that is written about them are lies or mis-interpretations. 

I got another friend who likes to regurgitate that Suzuki meme, now there's a man who's made a lot of money from spreading FUD. He charges $30,000 for speaking at universities and hasn't done any significant research for the best part of 20 years. He is not what you can actually call reliable, in fact his story seems to be more akin of Linus Pauling. Besides for a man who says he's a scientist, he has a very unfortunate tendency to make absolute statements that he can't then follow up. The man is a clown. His knowledge of GMO's is about 20 years behind and he has not done any relevant research in any field relating to genetics or biology for well over 15 years. When he does meet other scientists who know what they are talking about he fails completely.

Talking about intellectual dishonesty, Vandana Shiva has been a vocal opponent against GMO. And she also uses the title Dr. You would have thought that she has some kind of doctorate in biology, environmental studies or the like. No, it's in philosophy. She lies about her qualifications and people believe those lies. And she charges $40,000. Can you imagine how much income her and David would earn if they tried to tell the truth? Probably not a lot.

GMO can also mean a lot of different things. But these people are against all of them. For example. Golden Rice, is rice with vitamin A added. This is meant to help nations where sources of Vitamin A are scarce. Yet Greenpeace go out of their way to destroy those crops, leaving people in the third world to go blind due to lack of that vitamin. How can you complain that there hasn't been enough testing WHEN YOU DESTROY THE CROPS THAT ARE MEANT FOR TESTING?

Oh, and that lie about 47,500 Indian farmers committed suicide because of GM Cotton? Yeah, that's a lie. Complete and utter lie, spread by liars and charlatans like Vandana Shiva and David Suzuki.

That lie about GM eggplants, where farmers in Bangladesh were supposedly spraying more pesticides on their plants and that their plants weren't thriving. Yeah, that's a lie.

And that lie that Organic is better for you, with more nutrients, better taste and less pesticide use. That's a HUGE lie spread by Health Food Shops in order to line their pockets. The taste is the same, nutrients are the same AND they use more pesticides then conventional farming because the pesticide that the Organic industry rely on are no where near as reliable or effective. And before people start pointing out to me the latest and "greatest" study that was funded by an organic society. It measured more anti-oxidants and those aren't as great as some people like to imagine they are.

"Don't believe their propaganda!" Oh so you want me to believe yours instead? On what basis? You seem to be lying through your teeth as well, whether you are aware of it or not. You might not be aware because you're just repeating someone else's lies that sound good and fit within your social network so you repeat it without fact checking it. 

All of this can be said of vaccines as well. I still get people on my Facebook list posting that fucking stupid article stating "Courts quietly confirm MMR causes Autism." No they did not. This is from some small Italian court that the Italian Department of Health didn't even bother to show up for because they didn't think that the judge would actually rule against them and where the Prosecutor used the Wakefield "study" as evidence AND this is from the same country that jailed seismologists for manslaughter for not predicting an earthquake. This is of course ignoring the fact that Wakefield only used 12 kids, lied about his data, lied about his funding, performed procedures that the Ethics committee never approved off and has since been making tidy profit of people who still believe his lies. This also ignores every single piece of research that has been done since completely and utterly disproving any link. Including the most recent one that including 1.2 million subjects. Now compare that to Wakefields lies of 12 children

As for when people yell "THEY ARE PUMPING POISON INTO THE VEINS OF BABBIES!!!". No they are not. A vaccine that is in a syringe is 0.5 ml. Think of a teaspoon, that can hold 5 ml. How can anyone pump NOUGHT POINT FIVE MILLILITRES into anyone is beyond the realm of possibility. And it is a intramuscular injection. Not a intravenous injection. Ever come across the concept of LD50? No? Of course not, because you are a keyboard warrior who thinks that you know better then immunologists, biologists, toxicologists, doctors virologists around the world because you read something written by The Refusers. LD50 is essentially what Paracelsus said in the 1600
Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.
LD50 is:
"a standard measurement of acute toxicity that is stated in milligrams (mg) of pesticide per kilogram (kg) of body weight. An LD50 represents the individual dose required to kill 50 percent of a population of test animals (e.g., rats, fish, mice, cockroaches)."
So get it now? Poison is the dose. Toxicity is the dose. Anything that fits in a 0.5 ml syringe is NOT POISON.

Reading Natural News is not research. Reading Collective Evolution is not research. Food babe, not research. Vaccination Information Network has no information on Vaccines. Family Health Freedom Network is not research.

Same goes for Nuclear Power. There has been a lot of talk regarding how Germany are closing their nuclear power plants and opening more Windmills and Solar Power plants, both fine and dandy, nothing against those. But neglecting to mention that they are also opening more Coal Power Plants. Which pollute more then any other kind of power station. Nuclear Power plants are superior, they are more environmentally friendly. That smoke you see from the scary scary looking chimneys, not smoke. But steam. For those people who are against fracking. You know why they are doing so much fracking at the moment? It's because some of you  are also against Nuclear power so the energy companies and governments are forced to look for energy elsewhere. So am I saying that Nuclear Power is the only answer? Well, no of course not but we shou. Solar panels and Wind Turbines are excellent, but they are not without their very very expensive costs and also do have adverse affects in the environment. What you have to remember is that solar panels aren't made from thin air. Producing those panels do have affect the environment. After about 20 years they have to be replaced.  Same with wind turbines, they can and do impact on the environment especially birds and bats and again they can only last 20 years, 25 tops. Whereas a nuclear power station can last up to 50 years, even as long as 70 years before the reactor needs to be replaced. All of these options are expensive to set up, but without a doubt they will pay in the long term. But in terms of long term effects, nuclear wins hands down.

Do your Research
So in the words of other people. Do your research and stop talking shit. If you actually care about the environment, if you actually care about other human beings besides yourself, if you actually care about what happens in less fortunate countries then the UK or the US (Or Iceland), then do your research and do it properly. But remember that this is why we have experts, because any individual can't know everything. Just because you've read research on open heart surgery for thoracic aortic aneurysm doesn't mean that you are qualified to do it.

Just remember though, just because you don't understand the science or the technology does not automatically make it evil. Just because a company invests millions of dollars(pounds, yen, whatever) does not mean that it is purely against humankind. What kind of a business strategy is it to knowingly kill your customers. And after spending millions of pounds(dollars, rubees, whatever) and years into researching and developing technology THAT CAN HELP HUMANKIND why should they not be financially compensated?

Just because you don't understand the science, does not mean that the science is flawed. 
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