Monday, 6 January 2014

A Blog about A Blog

Last year I decided to move all my Facebook notes onto a blog that I tentatively named "Music, Life and other Assorted Thoughts" but has since been renamed "Under Deconstruction" as recommended by my brother. I don't have a consistent output on it, it is merely used as an exercise area to develop my writing style. It mainly started of as something to vent about the music that I love, but has since developed into just an all encompassing braindump, I've written about music, bullying and bicycle helmet use. Since end of July I've had just over 4000 readers, which I'm quite happy with. So this note is just sort of a recap on my Top 5 blurps.

1. The Curious Case of Queensryche :
"The curious case of Queensryche. I've been a fairly big fan of Queensryche for a while now, probably as long as I have been a fan of Iron Maiden. Just not with the same intensity. Quite a lot of people will probably recognise them more now due to court case that is happening in November, where it will be decided whether Geoff Tate owns the name Queensryche or whether the founding members own it (You don't really have to guess who I think should win).The first song I ever heard was the classy classic Iron Maiden worshipping song Queen of The Reich with it fantastic Dungeons & Dragons / Highlander video:"

2. Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds :

"The memories still hurt, but not as much these days. Time doesn't heal all wounds, it just makes it more bearable to live with."

3. Usual Locations Part Two: Xanthochroid :

"It starts of with an orchestral intro piece dramatically named Aquatic Deathgate Existence that leads nicely into a full blown orchestral black metal title song. Into a nice melancholic ballad called Winter's End. Followed by the riff fest of Long Live Our Lifeless King. Oh just listen to the whole album, it is worth it if you like your black metal and you miss the times when Dimmu Burger did good albums."

4. Avant Garde madness of Thy Catafalque :

"In fact I would argue that Thy Catafalque is the most original metal project going at the moment. Being original is by no means a stamp of quality, because you can be original and still sound like shit. But Thy Catafalque is just pure original quality."

5. Usual Locations Part One: Throwdown Syndicate

"Their a lot closer to Rage Against The Machine and WAR. Probably more the latter than the former. Which is great as I love both bands, RAtM is still close to my heart if only purely through their 'Killing In the Name' song. They've mentioned Bad Brains as a major influence. Now admittedly I've never listened to them, so I can't really comment on that one. But there is aspects of hardcore and punk on display here with plenty of blues and funk thrown in for good measure with thrash riffs spicing the pot. The only other band I could probably mention in the same breath as these guys is Body Count, the main difference being is that Throwdown Syndicate have written better songs and sound like they mean it."


Currently I've got two more blogs being written. But I've also got other stuff outside the internet to attend to so unfortunately the blogs have to wait a little bit. Even though I am fairly excited(and contemplative) about the material that I'm writing about. And I'm really really really looking forward to hearing more music for the coming year.
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